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Make Sure Your Business’ Cybersecurity is Making the Grade

New cyber threats appear every day, and the reality is that there are two types of companies: those that have already been attacked, and those that just haven’t been attacked yet.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Almond, a global leader in cybersecurity and cloud infrastructure, to offer vAlmond, a custom-designed cloud platform that can help your business understand and assess its security posture.

Learn How the World Sees Your Security Posture to Make Your Business Stronger

Your business can use vAlmond to monitor and improve your daily security rating to provide faster, more proactive responses. You can use this information to generate data-driven decisions, remediate gaps, and make continuous security improvements.

Here’s how vAlmond can provide your business with a 360-degree view of your overall cybersecurity risk posture:


Evaluate and identify potential vulnerabilities that may affect the overall security rating for both your company and third-party partners.

Track your first, second, and tertiary vendors to ensure your supply chain is not targeted by a cyberattack.

Access real-time data with a user-friendly dashboard.

Compare your company to your peers to help monitor your security health and maturity. 

Reduce your overall IT risk across on-premise and cloud environments.


Be Part of the Next Evolution of Proactive Security with Verdant TCS

Cybersecurity can be a complex and confusing topic, and technology alone won’t provide you with all the answers. Instead, your business can partner with Verdant TCS.

We won’t hand you off to another company to fix your issues. Instead, our experienced team of cybersecurity specialists will help you plan, implement, monitor, and support the multi-layered security strategy that is right for your business.

The Right Technology for Your Business

Verdant TCS partners with a variety of top technology companies to provide you with leading IT and cloud solutions.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
G Suite
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft 365
Centrix Solutions
Cisco Duo
Cisco Meraki
Cisco Umbrella

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